WWW: A Sisterhood of Winning Women

Every success story begins with an idea. But what nurtures an idea into a developed plan, is proper guidance and what transforms it into an organization, is hard work and what makes it a successful model to emulate, are entrepreneurial skills and farsightedness. Such is a story of an idea which transforms into a bigger entity only through an adequate support system. A support system is a network of personal or professional contacts available to a person or organization for practical or moral support when needed. A support system plays a vital role in establishment and growth of any enterprise.

If we take a closer look at our society then we realize that certain groups of people are more exposed to business plans and venture setting than others. This is what creates a gap in society of haves and have not, of not resources but knowledge. Earnest efforts are being made by different support groups to reduce this gap to a considerable amount. Women Who Win (WWW) is one such support group which is working towards promoting entrepreneurship among women thus enhancing the status of women in society. WWW truly believes in the power of women. It accepts the existence of gap and pronounces its reasons ranging from lack of technical knowhow to inadequate financial assistance to unknowingness of basic business nuances.

WWW helps its group sisters in developing organizational skills, business strategies, referral marketing, etc. Besides, this sisterhood provides a strong networking base which is crucial for the success of any business. It is a powerful platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and support. It even considers the socio-cultural constrains and gender- based barriers which exist as a stumbling block on the way to success. It works towards uniting strong like minded women, to share experiences, information and amazing success stories, thus harnessing inspiration and transcending all the hitches.

Imagine the sense of comfort one gets with the thought that whichever path one chooses to tread on,    there is a group of people to help and direct in executing ones plans, with full freedom and creativity. It is a dream, and WWW works towards making dreams come true.

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