Sisterhood: Thoughts of our Winners !

Sisterhood is like a Rainbow colourful and bright, each sister is unique and gifted. If you dream together and work together think alike and have faith in each other. Always stand by in needful times of life. You understand each other without words. You support and respect each otherphoto (2) as individuals. My friends this is ‘Sisterhood’ as sweet as the word  ‘sister’ who is like two bodies and one mind. Immense Strength of Sisterhood can be compared with a ‘Bundle of thin sticks but becomes strong when tied together’. It is all about belonging and supporting and keeping transparency in all dealings, keeping each other informed. Keeping positivity in a group is very important as it gives strong bonding and learning potential a kick. Relying on the strength is important; keep faith and honesty and industry. Energy, invincible determinations, with the right motive is the levers that move the world.

Believe In Sisterhood, Promote Sisterhood..Join Sisterhood.

Contributed by our Member: Dr. Namita Bhatnagar

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