Diwali Get Together

Heading back to home every women must surely have a wide smile on their face recollecting about today’s get together.

The mastermind behind this positive meet is Shambhavi, WWW member. We appreciate the initiative taken by her.

Diwali always brings happiness in our life and same happened with our community. Two new members- Vidhi and Vedvati, Fashion Designers by profession joined us. And this time we also have one big news too, Read till end and you will come to know that big news.

The get together started with the ritual, introducing yourself to others. Every time there is an introduction round, we get to know more talents of our members. Then we had a fun game describing a quality of a person whose name you got in the chit and also exchanging gifts with each other.

The celebration didn’t end here, One of our member Jasmine was celebrating first Diwali after her marriage, so Archana her mom gifted each member with chocolate, candles and a rose.

Also every member got a small yet elegant gift from Out of the Blue, Hiranandani Gardens, where the lunch was kept. Also they have offered us a big platform to share our member’s talent by keeping exhibitions, shows and many more. We have started planning to utilize this opportunity.

Women Who Win is not a platform to represent talent but also you build up a strong relationship with each other. Two new members got a mother in Archana.

At the end of the day, Simmi our founder presented gift to beautifully dressed Archana, Early Bird winner Rajashree, Late comer Jasmine and the one who took initiative for today’s get together- Sambhavi.

We thank Sambhavi once again for her initiative 🙂

Womens without picture- Impossible. Later, we had a small photo session.


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