November Networking Meet

This was preferably one of the best meet for us as well as for the guests and members. You can read what our guest Mamta said for our meet here: Networking Meet Reviews

The meet started at 3.00 pm with the members. Simmi shared her ideas, and took opinions of other members how to progress, guests had arrived by 4 and our networking meet started.

Firstly all the members had wished Aruna for her anniversary with a bouquet.  This meet’s winning thought was Post Diwali so everyone present for the meet lighted candle and we placed the entire candle in ‘W’ shape which symbolised Women Who Win. Simmi explained the concept of WWW to the entire guest present for the meet. The specialty of our Networking meet is apart from connecting to women of various professions, you also learn something. Every woman shares their experience, views; raise their doubts on various topics which help them to have better insight on a given topic. Our youngest member Rekha took a small session on blogging. The blogging session was an interactive one, as the seminar got over everyone were enthusiastic to start a blog of their own. The meet ended with the celebration of Archana’s Birthday, high tea and photo session.


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