Children’s Day Event

As we had said you in one of our previous post, we have got a big platform to showcase our team’s talent and here it was our very first platform. Women Who Win along with Kidzee had organized a Children’s Day Celebration at Out of the Blue Powai. Preparations started, three ladies Simmi, Shambhavi and Aruna arranged the schedule effectively. This event has really given us beautiful experience and lessons to learn.

Well! Good news is that mothers were so interested in our event that our tickets got sold we had to exceed the seat and again within a day or two the entire tickets were sold out. Our event on 14th November was among the top 10 events happening in Mumbai and after the event we were on no.1 c12

Mothers and Children occupied the registration counter. We gave every woman a pink ribbon to pin as we were supporting ‘Breast Cancer Campaign’. Rekha Mishra, welcomed everyone and then a fun evening started.  For children’s we had puppet show, magic show, sing your rhymes and tattoo making. Mothers! How can we forget them! They are the one who conceive their children for nine months, bears pain to give a birth to a new life! How can we forget such mothers! We had a special evening for moms. It was a relaxing and fun evening. We had styling by Lakme Salon, Tarot card reading by Shambhavi and foot spa by Four Fountain, Powai.

Children danced on rocking numbers and there were spot prizes, lucky draw for children and mothers. At last, children were fare welled with goodies bag. We had kept feedback chart for mothers and kids but small children were so happy and enthusiastic, they took pen from us and wrote their lovely feedback for us.

In the end we clicked a picture to support our ‘Breast Cancer Campaign’.

At the end of the day, what matters is smile that we found in every attendee of our event.

We would like to thank our sponsorors:

Forefountain Spa

Lakme Salon

Activities Partner-Kidzee Powai

Goody Partner- Pick pen and Archana baker

Prize Sponsors-Kidzone

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