Celebrating Leadership: An Evening to Remember

Imagine a room full of women. And imagine a moment of silence!! Yes you read it right. Now imagine the same room with the same women and mutual admiration, mutual encouragement and loads of inspiration for all!! You read it right again!

Tuesday evening broke several clichés about women when about 30 women from all walks of life came together for a short event hosted by Women Who Win – a platform thoughtfully created as a support group for women entrepreneurs, professionals, work-from-home divas and students.

IMG_8507The evening marked the beginning of a fresh chapter in the journey of this platform that was initiated by Simmi Bhasin and Iza Jameel about  a year and a half ago. With the installation of Sandhya Iyer Bhide as the Mumbai Chapter Chief, both the founders are positively hopeful about a bright future for the platform as well as all members. Incidentally, the members of this group are called Winners!!

Women Who Win is structured on a simple principle of sisterhood and appeals to all its Winners to raise above the crowd and contribute meaningfully by supporting other women. The contribution can come in any form that suits the individual and also encourages women to come out of their hiding to realize their true and full potential.

Simmi Bhasin spoke from the heart about the conception and journey thus far for the platform. Harnessing technology, Co-Founder Iza Jameel connected with the audience through a video message.

IMG_8530Manisha Malhi, a founder member who is an architect and interior designer shared her experience with the platform since its inception. Neha Gupta, mother of 2 very young kids started an after school activity centre and shared how the platform has been supporting her venture. Jeetandar Kaur found her calling in water color paintings once she found time at hand after her children grew up. She emotionally shared her experience of selling 3 paintings in a 2 day exhibition organised by WWW.

Archana Kulkarni, Co-Founder of Jeevan Magic who attended the event had this to say: “My visit to the WWW meeting of 13th Oct. 2015 was worthwhile. I have seen the intended basic genes of this group as nurturing the sisterhood. I feel that if we empower each other, then in the eyes of all the people, a woman who is known for gossiping, kitty-partying & playing low will be seen as “Most promising, enterprising and contributing one”

The event held in the Lecture Hall of a management school had the additional flavor of a learned and experienced management professor addressing the audience towards the end. Prof Dilip Patel, the Dean of the Institution evoked the divine energy that is manifested in women and expressed the institution’s intent on doing quality programs for development of women entrepreneurs and professionals.  

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