Thanks to the WWW Winner who supported in the year 2016


As we come to the end of year 2016, I would like to thank all the Winners and specially few of them who made it happen for WWW with their commitment and support. I would like to share few highlights. WWW started with a member base of 480 in January, we are 5000 as of now. This success has not happened overnight. A lot of hard work and commitment has been put to bring it to this level. I thank you all for supporting and making this happen. It is all because of my Winning Women here. I again thank them from the bottom of my heart

Few highlights of the year 2016:

* Launch of Pitara by Women Who Win @ Thane. This event was graced by Mrs. Amruta        Fadnavis, Wife of Honourable Chief Minister.
* Successful Networking Meets
* Start-Ups Product Launches
* Launch of GIRLS WHO WIN, a group for opportunities for students and non-working women
* Collaborated Events – Christmas Carnival 2016 at Powai

Keep Winning!

Simmi Bhasin

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