Winner of the Month – Dr. Rolly Sapru

She is vivacious and graceful, a gentle breeze with the strength of a storm, she has fire to achieve and her energy is as infectious as her full of life laughter. With a doctorate degree to back her knowledge bank and her various certifications, she is source of wonder yet to be acknowledged to her full strength. She is creating wonders with her clients though her inspiring yoga and fitness sessions. Dr. Rolly Sapru is your connect to your happy healthy self.

A wholistic health consultant practicing for the last 18 years, she believes in the power of yoga and  nature that guides people to experience our bodies at optimum health through simple corrective measures of yoga and healthy eating. She targets at bringing moderation and balance in people’s lives, thus resulting in a calmer and happy state of mind. She brings together fitness, nutrition and yoga benefits in a fun and creative way during her sessions, so that her clients can achieve the best results.

Couple YogaAs the most widely used childbirth method in the U.S., Lamaze classes approach childbirth as a natural and healthy process. Lamaze courses don’t support or discourage the use of medicines or routine medical interventions during labor and delivery. Instead, they inform moms-to-be about their options so that they can make decisions for their own labor and delivery. Part of the Lamaze focus is on building your confidence or talking about how to keep your baby’s birth simple and safe. Dr. Rolly Sapru is a Certified LAMAZE and CAPPA child-birth trainer. Her support and and guidance has given wisdom and strength to many parents-to-be. As quoted by one of her mom-to-be, Priya Sood – “She is a high spirited doctor who will make you feel positive and motivated. Her lamaze classes were very useful.” Another wonderful gratitude note for Rolly, by one other client of hers, Anchal Saraf can be read here – Baby Chakra.

Rolly fills her sessions with fun and practical ways of incorporating healthy living in your lifestyles. Her corporate sessions has been appreciated by high profile executives for her energetic approach and knowledge. She is woman on the rise who is taking every life she touches on her way towards healthy living. She is Winner all the way !IMG-20150323-WA0032

Riya MeditatingStanding split

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