About WWW

WOMEN WHO WIN is a group that believes in the power of sisterhood to empower women entrepreneurs, start-ups, professionals and home-makers. This is achieved by sharing their business experiences and knowledge through regular meetings, a strong network of professional contacts, marketing opportunities, educational opportunities and ongoing support. The success of the members of WOMEN WHO WIN will continually be celebrated.

Through meetings, workshops, trainings and events WOMEN WHO WIN will work hand in hand with women to connect with each other and support each other’s endeavours.

Benefits of being a Woman Who Wins

  • Be a part of this dynamic group of women who are dedicated to becoming better business and community leaders.
  • We continually celebrate the success of our members as they grow, develop and overcome the challenges they face as women professionals, entrepreneurs and homemakers.
  • Our continuous interacting forums where you’ll get to share business experiences and gain knowledge from other female entrepreneurs, professionals and homemakers.
  • Enjoy a vibrant network of women entrepreneurs, professionals and homemakers.
  • Test new ideas in a safe and courageous forum
  • Gain exposure to educational opportunities

SOUL of Women Who Win

  • Sharing Positive Energies
  • Thinking and Acting beyond Selfish Motives
  • Creating a Sisterhood Community
  • Standing for Each Other and Helping Every Sister Grow
  • Understanding that we are not Competitors, we are Co-Conquerors
  • Building a strong Professional Network

21 responses to “About WWW

  1. Hi,
    This is Architect Jui Patil here. I am very fascinated by this initiative. I also attended your event Pitara. Kindly let me know how to be a part of this group.

  2. I am part of this group in Whatsapp. i have signed up in facebook also.Please let me know what else to be done to be a part of this group in Fb

  3. Hi,
    Great initiative.
    This is Anchal Sapra.. I would like to join the group. Please let me know what’s the process for the same. Thanks.

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