Winner of the Month: Ms Manisha Malhi

Manisha Malhi – Architect & Interior Designer

 Graduate from Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai, member of AIIA and Council of Architecture (New Delhi).  She has over 20 years of experience in the field of designing buildings and interior works in various parts of India.  Presently, she is a practicing and consulting Architect in and around Mumbai.

“Less is more”   The latest trend means more openness in your surrounding spaces.

Today the younger generation is smart & clueful.  They aspire to do well in life, to enjoy, secure their future by investing in properties for themselves.

Concept of Minimalism: Today’s lifestyle is on a fast track and no one has the time to look after their houses and therefore this concept of minimalism has set up & is in vogue.  It is a smart decision to have bare minimum things required wherein your basic needs are looked after; for example in the living room you would need sitting arrangement, dining table & chairs, centre table and crockery unit. One might think why do I need a designer for this; but the designer will help you enhance your spaces (however small or big) by means of forms, colours & textures and functionality etc. He/she will convert your house into a beautiful home taking into consideration your lifestyle.  The designer will help you to make your surroundings more functional considering the basic aspects of life such as light, ventilation etc.

To have a good life: It is an individual’s choice as to what kind of environment they would like to live in; e.g. working couple would look at minimalistic contemporary house which would be maintenance free whereas a house wife would like to have more number of artefacts or decorative pieces which she can look after. The designer would be helpful in both the cases as for the modern household, he/she can advise you how to make it clutter free as well as get artwork in your minimalistic furniture pieces and provide you homely environment by soothing & subtle colour schemes.  For the traditional household he/she will advise you to buy appropriate furniture, fabric, artwork etc. to suit your lifestyle.

Therefore, it is very essential to look for a designer who can take care of your needs first and help you to have a good living or working environment rather than a decorator whom you would find in every nook and corner, who are basically contracting agents.

To give your views, feel free to write to her at


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