Winner’s Meet: August 2014

The second meet of the Winning Sisters was hosted with wonderful cordiality and creativity by our very own artist Rajashree Nedungadi.

The evening spent at Rajashree’s aesthetically nurtured home was like a visit to an art gallery. The walls were decorated with various art forms, and an intricately designed hukkah adorned one corner. Her home represented calm and peace just like her own graceful demeanour. Every nook of her home bespoke of Rajashree’s inherent artistic temperament. A seasoned artist with knowledge of innumerable forms of creative art, she also has a passion to work with paper. The canvas or a sheet of blank paper inspires her imagination and she brings wonders to every paper she touches.

10560412_715769185161855_958316869867538859_oThe second Winner’s Meet started with introductions, as every meet finds some new members who bond with other’s over an informal round of introductions, sharing our professional profiles, goals, passion and our inner connect with Women Who Win. Simmi, the soul, who is the soul of Women Who Win, then familiarized the members with focus and vision of our Sisterhood. She discussed about the events that are to be conducted in the coming month and then the evening moved with a enthusiastic discussion about how we can make Women Who Win a better platform for our members, where they can gain professional support by means of promotions, branding and marketing support. WWW aims to bring its sisters to the mainstream business forums and facilitate the success they each deserve.

The evening concluded with high tea and networking, and a celebration of birthday’s of our sisters who were born in the months of July and August. WWW thus continues and strengthens as a professional as well as personal support system for today’s enterprising women. Rajashree had arranged for our delicious cakes to celebrate WWW Sisterhood and the birthdays, that were relished by all members.

22Rajashree’s artful souvenirs will be cherished by all who attended the meet. Rajani Agrawal announced and discussed about the event she is coordinating with Women Who Win on 23rd August 2014. The workshop is on “Happiness: Your Brand Your Image” and will focus on the concepts of personal branding, happiness and life management tools. The format will be highly interactive and fun, designed with the aim to bring a happy change in lives of every participating person.

WWW sisters may promote the event and recommend people to visit the link below for more details and registrations. Interested cadidates may contact Ms. Rajani Agarrwal at 91-9820272094 or Ms. Simmi Bhasin at 91-9967943495.

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