An Evening of Happy Experiences

“Stressed or depressed but be well dressed,” says Iza Jameel the speaker of the workshop Happiness: Your Brand Your Image.

Women Who Win had a fabulous time sharing and learning in the month of August 2014. Simmi Bhasin, the Soul Founder of WWW, organized an enterprising workshop in association with BPWA at the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agricuture (MACCIA). The workshop was conducted by Ms. Iza Jameel and the participant list included some of the most influential women of Mumbai. The evening of 23rd August was spent sharing and learning the simple secrets of living a happy life and being the brand that resonates Happiness.

1The interactive fun workshop started at 2.30 pm, where youngsters, young entrepreneurs and seasoned achievers were present. As Iza said, ‘the room today is a book of short stories and we have more to learn from each other than what I may teach you’. Ms. Iza Jameel started her session with the concept of discovering a person’s true identity and exploring the terrains of one’s personality that bring out the best in oneself. Her beliefs were well supported by her knowledge of positive psychology and organizational behavior. Within the first few minutes she had her audience captured by the genuine voice of her thoughts and her pleasant approach that connected with every individual in the room.

The evening moved on with every person in the room sharing their stories and experiences of life, while Iza beautifully related each thought to a learning experience. She further talked about creating an image that represents your true values and distinguishes you as an individual. Iza was introduced as a happiness messenger during the workshop promotions; and she proved it true as the evening ended with brighter glowing faces, appreciating the happy change she brought to everyone’s just another day. She asserted that happiness is a responsibility and it is our duty to not only feel it but share it with the lives we touch.

The evening naturally turned out to be a beautiful experience for every person present. The eclectic mix of the small group with the age group ranging from 19 to 74, and the profiles that included students, finance experts, media personalities, experienced professionals, a reputed writer and women who have achieved their moksha in the field of social work. Simmi Bhasin concluded the evening with her vote of thanks that she delivered personally to every participant along with her warm infectious smile; a perfect end to the evening that instilled every person with a desire for happiness and self appreciation.10

Women Who Win proved its worth and stood by its purpose in yet another month, with not only a organizing a wonderful evening of learning, but we also shared the wealth of our humble knowledge with a group of most deserving young girls in a yet another exciting session…read more about it here.

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