Mumbai Chapter Chief: Sandhya Iyer Bhide

Sandhya Iyer Bhide – a name that resonates with energy, warmth and dedication, directed by an intelligent mind. She is a task-master who connects to her goals from her heart and delivers with her mind. Bright eyes, a luminous smile and her honest approach, attracts people to her genuine personality. After 15 years of experience in marketing, Sandhya switched to academics and found her passion in education and entrepreneur development. Currently she is engaged as Programme Coordinator at Nalanda International Management School in Mumbai. Business Networking is her strength; and this was the key that connected her with Women Who Win. Sandhya found her instant connect with Simmi and Iza in their first meeting and since then she has been a great support system for us. Introducing more than 100 people to WWW, with more than 50 registrations over a month she has proved her loyalty to our group and her ability as a Leader.

Women Who Win, welcomes Sandhya Iyer Bhide as our first appointed Chapter Chief for Mumbai. Sandhya will be guiding, nurturing and connecting our Mumbai winners, supporting our local Chapter Leaders from different areas of Mumbai to rise beyond their limitations. Sandhya has a flair for writing and with her intelligent mind and vast vocabulary, she has been regularly contributing to our blog and other social media platforms. Marking the beginning of her journey with WWW, here is a thought-provoking article penned by her. A question put forward in an interesting twist, that will jolt you right into introspection. WELCOME Sandhya ! We look forward to a life-long journey of creating a change in the lives we touch, nurturing women to fulfill their ambitions and living a journey of contentment.

3 Dilemmas of Every Life; Women in Particular - by Sandhya Iyer Bhide

Achievement is desirous. We are desirous and all whom we know or meet are desirous. It could be personal desires relating to self or family. It could be professional desires relating to achievement and bank balance. It could also be societal desires, wishing to bring about a change somewhere.

And while we all go about trying to get closer to our desired goals, we are often faced with choices and dilemmas. Our response is guided by the basic tenets and cultural rooting that we all respectively stem from. Especially in context of women; we undergo untold amounts of pressure in the desire to be seen as a certain someone in the society. Right from homemakers to work-from-home divas to full time professionals and executives and entrepreneurs, no woman has ever beeen able to successfully escape this demand. A few owe it to the support system that they have in their spouses, family members and friends in responding to the demands with grace and giving a good performance almost every time.

The dilemma remains and to put it broadly –

  • the predicament is between siding ourselves with being happy in an as-is situation – a status quo where no matter how things are, we choose to remain as we are.
  • Or get fueled with energy to take things in our hands and do something!  Bring about a change that will benefit people in the larger perspective of things and hence prove self satisfactory.
  • And then there is an extreme to this – going about this energy to focus only on What-Is-In-It-For-Me? The vision is restricted to one’s own self and what happens beyond hardly matters.

We all face these three time and again. Look back at your life and try to see when all have you faced them and how have you responded? Are your actions forming a pattern thereby defining your personality?  Have you ever not responded (rather ignored) to something that needed your support or have you denied yourself an opportunity to grow beyond boundaries set by your own state of mind?

Or have you tried to raise tall to an occasion facing challenges and hardships? Has there been an occurrence where you were so focused on your goal that you hardly noticed the hurt your actions are causing others? The basic dilemmas detailed above, in simple terms are just 3: Contentment, Ambition and Greed!! Where do you belong?

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