Networking Meet Fun


“A women is a backbone of another women,” this is what the members of Women Who Win follow, from the core of their heart.  September Networking Meet was filled with this emotion, where a number of non-members joined in the enthusiasm of WWW members. The meet was conducted at Kidzee, Powai – a beautiful fun haven for kids owned and managed by one of our very passionate member, Ms. Aruna Agarwal.

Aastha Bhasin hosted the event, welcoming everyone with the same warm infectious smile as her mother, our founder Ms. Simmi Bhasin. As the flow goes of all our networking meet, all the participants introduced themselves, their major goal in life and the connect they find with Women Who Win. Some of the non-members shared some very interesting reasons for attending this meet for the first time, including a young woman saying that she wanted to attend the meet as she had been following the happenings in WWW, and she felt as if she was missing out on something magical happening for the women of India.

With the festive season of Deepawali knocking on our doors, the theme of the meet was suitably opted as ‘awakening creativity for festivity’. WWW plans to host further programs based on the same theme, in the month of September and early October.

Rajashree, one of the finest artist and an extremely creative member of our Mumbai group – took a short seven minutes session. The seven minutes spent with her, brought back happy childhood memories for everyone. She gave all the ladies an envelope and inside the envelope was decorative material. She asked ladies to decorate their envelope with glitter, sparkles and other creative material provided inside the envelope. The room turned into a happy classroom with childish giggles and happy smiles on every woman’s face, while each one of them worked enthusiastically to make her envelope look the best !

After the small creative warm up session by Rajashree, another of our creative members, Ms. Manisha Malhi, who is an Interior Designer by profession – shared interesting ideas, innovative methods and useful tips with women for decorating their house on Diwali. It was an interactive session where everyone pitched in with their own unique ways of making the festive season more beautiful for their home and families.

Simmi then took the lead and explained about the objective of Women Who Win to all the non members. We also gave a farewell to one of our member ‘Avani’ who is shifting to Bangalore. Everyone gave their best wishes to her and then she shared her experience of how WWW helped her to cope with her ‘home alone’ situation and gave her the motivation to do more in life.

The event concluded with the WWW Chit-Chat High Tea, followed by happy grateful comments and sharing over our Whatsapp group all through the evening. For more pics of the event – Click Here 

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